20: Every conversation counts with Riaz Meghji

August 18, 2021

How do we build those authentic relationships? What are the most powerful questions we can ask? How can we tell stories in a way that captures attention and inspires others to take action? Today we have Riaz Meghji, Tv Host and Human Connection Keynote Speaker. In today’s episode of the pursuit of learning, we dive deep into his book, ‘Every Conversation Counts,’ in which Riaz breaks down the five habits that build extraordinary human connections. 

After years of interviewing leaders, athletes, philanthropists, and celebrities, Riaz has figured that the one clear commonality has been that we all need meaningful human connection. In a challenging era of loneliness and isolation, he helps leaders elevate their communication, spark real conversations and collaborate effectively with their teams so that they can build high-trust cultures in our new hybrid reality. Riaz also shares his thoughts on how modern society is being impacted by technology, especially social media and how we can avoid falling into the trap of making social media a harmful distraction.

In his book, Meghji digs deep into the dangers of isolation and loneliness, our social pandemic, that were brought into sharp relief by the coronavirus crisis. Throughout this episode, he walks us through the five simple habits for building extraordinary relationships. He explains how to spark authentic conversations, win trust, create new business, and collaborate effectively.

We also talk about some of the barriers that get in the way of pursuing our curiosity and limit our ability to learn and explore new knowledge and experiences, the value of overcoming these barriers and how to do it. Stay tuned until the end of the episode, where Riaz shares some tips and tricks on how to crafting a good story that allows you to be vulnerable and engage with an audience, and learnings from one of the most important conversations Riaz has ever had.

[00:35] Consistent Message & Curiosity – Riaz starts off by talking about his curiosity for the power of human connection and the curiosity of how human connection exists. Meaningful human connection exists in this new hybrid reality.

[2:25] Concept of Loneliness – According to Riaz, the concept of loneliness is the perceived lack of meaningful social connection. He didn’t think too much about loneliness until he did the deep dive of research of what social anxiety and being an introvert really meant growing up in his early years.

[6:40] Challenge in this Era – In terms of social media, the challenge in this era is if we fall into passive mode, if we fall into autopilot mode with social media, where it becomes more of a distraction to us, highlights Riaz. 

[10:45] Authenticity for Approval – Upon talking about social media and kids, Riaz further explains how one should never sacrifice authenticity for approval. No matter what you do or what you share, don’t share it for approval, because the approval will never be enough, it will never be enough, you will never have 100% approval.

[13:25] Acknowledgment & Curiosity – Upon asking how to turn Social Media hatred into a conversation/ engagement, Riaz mentions acknowledgment and curiosity. Think about how, in your conversations, whether they’re face to face or online, how can you discover before you dismiss, and when you give somebody that opportunity to be seen and heard if they’re coming at you with resistance, it’s amazing what happens because they’re expecting you to just shut them down. But if you open it up, it creates an interesting dynamic.

[20:11] Barriers related to Curiosity – The number one barrier is convenience. We live in a culture of convenience. This culture of convenience has allowed us to do amazing things, move at such a rapid pace. But it’s taken out the critical thought that kind of goes into formulating the questions to get people to open up. So, practicing curiosity is important on a daily basis, becoming a great observational list, writing things down of what you see, practice these types of things on a daily basis. 

[23:55] Power of Curiosity – As Riyaz explains, if we want to inspire, if we want to change, if we want to persuade anyone, we cannot do that unless we understand someone first. And that’s the power of curiosity, and just staying curious for longer periods will open and unlock powerful connections and relationships that are landing really well. 

[39:18] Practicing Specificity with Praise – Whilst talking about the art of interviewing and making the interviewee the star of the show, Riaz highlights the importance of practicing specificity with praise as an example. 

[42:10] Power leading with Gratitude – Upon being asked about why people have trouble leading with gratitude, Riaz explains how ego comes into play. 

[49:35] Strong Physical Communication – As Riaz explains, getting strong with physical communication starts with understanding what we are communicating. He shares some of the ways we can improve our physical communication skills.


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