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November 24, 2021

Taking the first step toward a goal or an achievement can seem easy and simple, but it may be the hardest step in some scenarios. Many of us find ourselves in situations where we procrastinate these actions due to a plethora of reasons. This very issue is what our guest today has dedicated his career to addressing. Eric Twiggs, Certified Executive Coach, speaker, and the author of “The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination,” joins us today to talk about how procrastination gets in our way to success and how to overcome the habit of procrastination.

We start the conversation focusing on Eric’s book, the content of it, and the target audience of the book. Getting into the core concepts of his philosophy, Eric dives into how the gap between our intentions and the way of execution can lead to procrastination. He also talks about the consequences of procrastination that come in different forms, such as stress, reduced creativity, damages to our reputation, and even some health implications that often go unnoticed but are caused by procrastination.

Another concept we discuss in-depth is vision. Concepts like vision statements, missions, and core values are predominantly used in the corporate arena, and we don’t see them being used in personal spaces as often. Eric beautifully translated these concepts in a way we can fit them into our personal lives and utilize them to achieve our goals. We also talk about the negative effects of having a vision without taking any actions and why we’re less likely to procrastinate when we’re working on something we’re really passionate about.

Being a perfectionist is one of those things that may get in our way to progress, and it can sometimes lead to procrastination as well. Eric shares his thoughts on some of the factors that become obstacles in our way to success, including perfectionism, fears, and negative mindsets. He also shares with us some strategies our listeners can utilize to overcome these obstacles. Wrapping up the discussion, Eric shares his thoughts on how building awareness about our own behaviors can help us overcome procrastination. 

[02:33] The Discipline of Now – Eric starts the conversation by talking about the issue he’s trying to address with his book, who it is for, and how it helps us improve our lives.

[05:24] Intention and Execution – For many of us, there exists a gap between our intentions of doing something and the way we actually execute it. Eric explains why we should shorten the gap between intention and execution.

[07:27] The Cost of Procrastination – Eric dives into some of the ways procrastination deteriorates our work, our ideas, our creativity, and our reputation and why we should focus on training our minds out of the habit of procrastination.

[14:22] Procrastination and Health – Although this often goes unnoticed, procrastination may cause health implications we better avoid. Eric shares his thoughts on how these consequences come into play.

[19:50] Law of Large Numbers – Eric talks about how procrastination negatively affects work situations where large numbers of actions are required, such as a sales-based environment, and how you can hit your target numbers by avoiding procrastination.

[25:55] Passion and Procrastination – If it’s something you’re genuinely interested in, the chances of you procrastinating are a lot less, says Eric. We talk about how having passion and a good vision for the future can help us get rid of procrastination.

[32:28] Corporate Concepts in Personal Life – Mission, vision, and values are terms we often see in corporate environments rather than a personal scope. Eric explains how we can translate these concepts and apply them in our personal life.

 [39:23] Fears and Actions – Eric dives into two beautiful concepts about two common traps people fall into in their lives; visions without actions and being afraid to go out of the comfort zone.

[45:20] Types of Fear – Fears come in different shapes and flavors. We talk about some of the most common types of fears and how to deal with each of these fears.

[52:35] Perfection is the Enemy of Progress – When we’re trying to do things perfectly all the time, it may become an obstacle in our path of progress

[1:01:20] Accountability – Eric shares his thoughts on some tactics we can use to make ourselves accountable and responsible for the goals we set for ourselves and make sure we consistently work toward our goals.

[1:11:14] Gratitude and Attitude – The mindset we have always affects our achievements. Eric explains how gratitude and attitude come into play when developing the right mindset for success.

[1:19:43] Awareness – How being aware of our own personality traits and behaviors helps us overcome procrastination.


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