Welcome to the Writer’s Life with Paulette Perhach

November 28, 2021

Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, we get better at that when we practice it more. As writers, we should think about what we say. First, however, it is mandatory to think about how we say it. Likewise, we may not have a clear idea of how to be a writer, although many of us want it at some point in our lives. That is why we decided to have a deep conversation with someone who specializes in writing. Paulette Perhach, the author of “Welcome to the Writer’s Life: How to Design Your Writing Craft, Writing Business, Writing Practice, and Reading Practice,” joins us on the podcast today to share her wisdom with our listeners.

Other than being an excellent writer, Paulette Perhach is a writing coach and entrepreneur. She has worked for publications such as Health and Coastal Living, and by now, she has her work in even in New York Times. In 2013 a nationally recognized writing center in Seattle, Hugo house, awarded her the Made at Hugo House fellowship. She also won the title as one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year in 2016 for her work.

Staring the conversation by talking about the factors that motivate Paulette these days,  she continues expressing her views about the role of money in life. During the conversation, she shares her experience of becoming a writer from scratch with a proper balance between earning and passion. Of course, we need to make money to live. But, on the other hand, we need to give our souls time to heal. Highlighting those points, she explains the necessity of balancing our earnings with our passion. 

A successful writer is not just born. It is a process of hard work and persistence. Most importantly, it is not smooth and easy to continue. Paulette dives deeply into these facts. She shares tips and tricks to awake the writers within ourselves. We talk about the habits and rituals we can embed in our life to become successful writers. Writing is not easy as it sounds. Creating characters that people love and maintaining proper dialogues between them needs much work. Paulette dives deeply into the way to do it while sharing her experiences as examples. 

In the latter part of the conversation, we talk about sources for writing and the ways to benefit from them. Finally, wrapping up the episode, we discuss the importance of social media profiles to a writer and the tips and tricks to have a better social media presence.

[01:26] Money and You – Paulette expresses her thoughts about the role of money in our lives.

[11:00] Fake-out – Getting started on a task is not enough; we need to finish them as well. Paulette shares her secret on how not to get stuck in the middle.

[12:08] Story Behind her Book – Paulette explains how her desire to be a writer laid the foundation for her book. 

[14:28] Write More – If your dream is to be a writer, there are thousands of advice out there. But, as Paulette believes, the best way for this is to start and continue writing.

[17:17] Publishing Your Book- Paulette explains the procedure to follow and a few points to remember when publishing a book.

[19:57] Clay pot Experiment – Paulette nicely describes the interesting facts related to the quality and quantity of our creations.

[21:31] Morning Papers – There are numerous tools that we can use to improve our writing. Paulette shares her insights on morning papers and the way to use them to enhance your writing.

[23:32] Successful Writer – Appreciate from the outside world may make you happy. Irrespective of that, Paulette emphasizes the importance of focusing on the joy your workpiece brings you.

[27:26] Habits of a Writer – Paulette shares three essential things to embed in our life to be a good writer.

[40:00] Reading and Writing – Reading is one of the critical factors that decide your success as a writer. Paulette talks about the interconnection between these two activities. 

[53:09] Give it a go – Nobody has enough confidence to go ahead with a piece of writing. It is not only you. You cannot decide how good you are until you try and see. As Paulette says, we need to give it a go.

[54:57] Mission Control – Upon asking about mission control, Paulette explains it and her suggestions for writers to use it to manage their time and get on top of it?

[01:01:02] Outlining –   Outlining is critical in writing. We exchange our experience on outlining in writing while discussing how and why we should do it.

[01:08:53] Greatest Secret – Hard work and persistence drives us to successful endings. It is the same with writing. In Paulette’s point of view, it is about creating and developing your talent.

[01:14:20] Create Characters – Writers have to use the characters in a novel wisely. Paulette shares tips she uses to create characters that people want to read.

[01: 17:34] Dialogue Process – Improving the dialogues in a novel is not as easy as it sounds. Paulette reveals methods she uses to strengthen the dialogue process.

[01:20:40] Find Your Unique Voice – Paulette points out the significance of finding our unique voice to stand out from the other million writers that are out there.

[01:21:21] Vulnerability – We can use the vulnerability for successful writing. Paulette teaches us how to do it.


Connect with Paulette:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/pauletteperhach/

Instagram: instagram.com/paulettejperhach/

Facebook: facebook.com/pauletteisawriter

Mentioned in the episode:

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