10 Powerful Secrets That Will Change Your Life

February 11, 2022

Secret 1 – Happiness Is In You

Well-being is not the fruit of something you do. It is the essence of who you are.

There is nothing you need to change, do, be, or have to be happy.

“You are a diamond, buried in horse crap, coated in nail polish.”

Secret 2 – Your World

Your world is what you think it is, but

There is a world beyond your thinking.

You think you are experiencing reality, but you are experiencing your thoughts.

It is all made up, and it is all okay.

Secret 3 – You Are Already Here

There is nowhere for you to go. You are already here.

You need to put more of yourself into it to get more out of anything you do.

Wisdom always feels right, even if it doesn’t always feel good.

Secret 4 – There is No Decision

There is no such thing as a decision. You either know what to do or don’t.

If we don’t want to do something, we will have many reasons why we should do it.

We don’t need a reason if we genuinely want to do something.

Secret 5 – Your Feelings Are Shadows

Your feelings are a shadow of a thought, not a reflection of the world around you.

You are living in the feeling of your thinking, not the feeling of your circumstances.

Your day does not create your moods. Your moods make your day.

Secret 6 – You Don’t Need Hustle Culture.

The secret of long-term sustainable success is being disciplined enough not to do what you don’t want to do,

even when everyone around you (and the voice inside your head) tells you that you should do it.

Secret 7 – Human Connection

Connection happens when humans spend time together without thinking getting in the way.

It’s easy to hear what’s going on with people when we’re not trying too hard to listen to them.

There are four people in every couple, and two are in the way.

Secret 8 – Ask for What You Want

You can ask for anything if you let go of your fear of the word “NO.”

A no is never about you, even if the other person thinks it is.

Recognize the people around you as being unique and just like you. No better. No worse.

Secret 9 – Your Bank Account

Your bank account does not determine your well-being.

You will not get money if you see money as a scarce resource.

If you are a scarce resource, you will get money.

If you continuously make a difference, you will secure your financial future.

Secret 10 – Hope is the Gateway

Hope is the gateway to new possibilities.

Hope is an invitation to enjoy the possibility of what you want while you work towards achieving it.

There is never a good reason in life not to hope.

This Thread is based on “Super Coach – 10 Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life.”

I recommend this book if you’re serious about coaching and looking for concrete actionable tips.

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