Building a Business that Scales with Your Lifestyle with Lee LeFever

July 8, 2022

Instead of planning indefinitely, it is essential to prioritize action. We may fail, but we will learn from it, and the next attempt will be more successful. The fact that things stink should not prevent us from launching. Everything my guest discusses in today’s conversation converges on this point. Today’s episode of the pursuit of learning podcast features Lee LeFever, who shares the incredibly fantastic experience he has gained thus far on his journey.

[00:18] Lee’s Story – Lee discusses his life up until this point, revealing what motivates him and what he hopes to convey to the audience by today’s conversation.

[06:54] Entrepreneurship – Lee provides his perspective on entrepreneurship, discussing the reality of entrepreneurship and why there is such a disparity between what we expect and what we receive. 

[09:09] Common Craft – Lee mentions their activities at Common craft.

[14:33] Constraints – Lee explains how we can use constraints as a tool in our decision-making process and relates this to his own experience. 

[18:17] Question –  Lee describes how he uses forward-looking questions to guide the future of Common Craft at all times. 

[23:11] Service-Based Entrepreneurs – Lee outlines how service-based entrepreneurs can reframe their thinking to create a product that can be sold independently of their labor.

[28:25] Own Platform – Lee explains how and why he chose to proceed with his own platform. 

[31:25] Customer Retention – Lee explores how we can use customer feedback about our business to generate more business. 

[33:52] Passion – Lee emphasizes how important it is for entrepreneurs to be passionate about their work. 

[36:10] Luck – Lee discusses what he means by the significance of combining luck and attention, as well as how we can build awareness for our business.

[39:53] Take Action – Lee highlights the significance of being willing to leave your comfort zone, take risks, and act. 

[45:06] Failures- Lee stresses the value of failures and how he learned from them by viewing them as an inspiration and a source of new ideas. 

[47:55] Competition – Lee describes how his organization handles competition and how he views himself about the competition. 

[51:41] Business – Lee provides his perspective on business and its success, mentioning why he believes that time is new wealth. 

[59:42] Happiness – Lee explains how people are missing the peace that comes with happiness over time in their pursuit of more material possessions.

[01:06:36] Moratorium – Lee discusses how COVID has affected his personal and professional life and explains what a moratorium means to him.

[01:18:31] Relationships – Lee emphasizes the significance of relationships by describing how he and his wife maintain their bond. In addition, he discusses his most recent endeavor, Building Livable.


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