Pay attention, Be Brilliant, and Go Deep with Bill Williams

July 8, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to tap into an endless stream of energy that draws value from your daily life, career, family, and community? My guest today reveals how to leave work, having more energy than when you arrive. Bill Williams, a speaker, author, and executive development coach also known as “Electric Bill,” joins today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast to explore micro-steps that can be taken to tap into a limitless source of energy.

[00.19] Motivation –  Bill outlines his current motives and a few points he wishes to convey to the audience in the conversation. 

[01:57] Three Broad Buckets – Bill explains why he uses three significant bucket levels of categories: pay attention, be brilliant, and go deep to become our best selves. 

[06:10] Outside the Box – Bill discusses how to prevent young people from falling into a lifelong pattern of daily activities.

[13:55] List of Accomplishments – Bill emphasizes the significance of maintaining an up-to-date résumé and its need. Furthermore, he presents his thoughts about choosing happiness.

[21:16] Balance – Each of us has multiple versions of ourselves. Bill describes how to maintain a balanced version of ourselves while emphasizing the importance of mental wellness. 

[33:34] Luck  – Bill illustrates how we generate what appears to be lucky to others from his perspective.

[36:40] ROTI – Mentioning ROTI (Return on time invested), Bill outlines how we can raise our ROTI through curiosity.

[38.34] Prosociality – While discussing the relationship between emotions and prosociality, Bill explains why fine is not an emotion.

 [43:00] Positivity – Bill explains how to choose our emotions and cultivate optimism in our lives by relating his experience with his mother. 

[46:05] Zulu Practice of Sawubona – Bill emphasizes the significance of the Zulu tradition of Sawubona, which expresses to others how much we value their presence. 

[50:36] Thank you –  Bill highlights the importance of thankfulness and the power of the word “thank you” while stressing the power of connections. 

[01:03:59] Self-ful – Bill describes the distinction between being selfish and self- ful and explains how we may encourage more people to adopt the mindset of being self-ful.

[01:11:05] Reframe Words – Mistake can be reframed as Miss – Take, implying that the action can be repeated. Bill explains the influence of rephrasing phrases by mentioning this. 

[01:17:23] Give Energy – We discuss why we should contribute our energy without hoping to receive anything in return. 

[01:23:42] Masculine Vs. Feminine Communication – Bill delves deeper into describing masculine and feminine communication and their influence and efficacy.

[01:28:22] Cross the River- Bill explores the concept of being faithful to our spirit energy via a mind-boggling anecdote. In addition, he emphasizes the significance of not carrying another person’s burden with us. 


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