Hire and Retain the Right People by Sharing Your Passion and Knowing Theirs with John Garrett

August 18, 2022

There is no doubt that you have a proper job title for yourself. But, also, there are things you enjoy doing while you’re not at work. For example, you may be an accountant who enjoys Netflix marathons, a lawyer who enjoys ballroom dancing, and an engineer who enjoys helping out at animal shelters. However,  the first part regarding your job title is generally irrelevant on most occasions. Instead, asking follow-up questions about your human factor is more engaging. If you give it some thought, there is a job title, but behind the job title is a human being. Hence the last bit merely speaks to what other aspects of your life you are beyond the job title. Yet many of us don’t view ourselves that way. 

John Garrett is my guest for today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast. He is a thought leader, agent of change, and podcast host whose purpose is to improve workplaces. He is a two-time Emmy nominee, and he is best at championing the human side of professionals, consulting with businesses to promote more productive cultures, and shedding light on the deep personal lives of their employees. Also, he was named one of Accounting Today’s top 100 most influential persons in the field after delivering compelling keynotes about his studies and recording over 300 podcast episodes of What’s Your And?. 

What’s Your “And?” is a riveting wake-up call that defies the prevalent thinking that professionals must conform to a particular stereotype to succeed in the workplace. In today’s conversation, we evaluate the impact of these non-work interests on their careers and how to attract and retain people who share your passion and comprehend theirs. Also, he illustrates how deviating from the usual by sharing your non-work interests makes you a better professional and makes your firm more suited to attract and retain talent and customers. In addition, following years of his research work history as a successful CPA and stand-up comedian and his podcast interviews with hundreds of top professionals, John describes the future of professionalism as one in which we all bring our whole selves to work. Moreover, we explore how sharing our hobbies boosts job performance, fosters culture, and fortifies relationships with coworkers and clients in today’s discussion.

[01:45] And – John elaborates on the meaning of “and” by providing an overview of the topic. 

[03:10] Professionalism – Explaining professionalism, John shares about bringing our whole selves to work versus part of ourselves.

[05:07] Use – John discusses how leaders may use the “and” to their advantage and retain talented team members. 

[09:03] Good vs. Bad – John explains why leaders emphasize the negative aspect of the conjunction “and” rather than the good. 

[16:14] Care – John stresses the significance of demonstrating care. 

[21:27] Right Choice – John addresses how to convince young people that they are making the proper choices as they advance their careers. 

[27:19] Magic Number – John discusses the ideal amount of coworkers one needs to foster a “sticky” work environment and how to use the word “and” to forge bonds with others, whether in a position of leadership or not. 

[35:43] Hobby – John explains why he appreciates adding his hobbies to his CV. 

[53:10] Less Depressed – John outlines why we are less prone to feel nervous or depressed when we have interests outside work.

[01:00:05] Retirement – John discusses the ways in which our “and” helps with retirement. 

[01:08:09] Strategies – John provides actionable strategies for implementing what we have been discussing today inside the workplace. 

[01:14.48] Overcome – John explains why so many coworkers fear bringing their complete selves and sharing their “and.” Also, he further discusses how we can assist them in overcoming this phobia.


Connect with John:

Website: thejohngarrett.com/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/thejohngarrett/

Mentioned in the episode:What’s Your “And”?: Unlock the Person Within the Professional: goodreads.com/book/show/55343237-what-s-your-and

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