Redefine Career Development to Help Your Colleagues Thrive in Challenging Times with Julie Winkle Giulioni

September 8, 2022

It is no longer customary to define career advancement solely in terms of promotions, transfers, and title changes. Beyond the ascent up the positional ladder, there are numerous more ways personnel can and desire to develop. Nevertheless, many businesses continue to operate under the misconception that promotions are the only choice for professional advancement, leaving employees disengaged, managers frustrated, and the company at a disadvantage in its efforts to retain talent. In today’s episode of pursuit of learning, we speak with Julie Winkle Giulioni about seven different dimensions, how we may focus on his leaders to create a sticky business and practical suggestions and methods a firm can implement.

Julie is an advocate for growth and development in the workplace. She believes everyone deserves the chance to realize their full potential. In addition, she offers keynote speeches, consulting, and training to help businesses and executives achieve their goals. Julie is the author of several publications, including Promotions Are So Yesterday: Redefine Career Development. In addition, she writes essays on leadership, career development, and workplace trends for various journals, including The Economist. Also, Julie’s in-person and virtual keynotes and speeches provide unique, exciting, yet effective solutions for leaders interested in their personal growth and the progress of others.

Starting the conversation, Julie explains how we might improve employee retention outside the conventional “funnel” model. She goes on to highlight the negative aspects of the traditional funnel structure from the perspective of her coworkers and employees. Then, throughout the conversation, Julie suggests an alternative strategy for fostering professional growth and ensuring employee success in the workplace, even when promotions are scarce. Under that, she shares exciting details on establishing a simple framework of seven dimensions of development (contribution, competence, confidence, connection, challenge, contentment, and choice) that enthrall the workers.

[06:23] Traditional Funnel Model – Julie discusses how, as leaders, we may retain our staff without necessarily adhering to the traditional funnel paradigm. In addition, she emphasizes certain disadvantages of the typical funnel structure for colleagues and employees.

[07:57] Multi-Dimensional Track – Julie provides a high-level explanation of what a multi-dimensional track is before diving into the specifics of each of the domains. Moreover, mentioning a paper-based assessment, she explains some benefits they can obtain by picking up the book and using the assessment tools.

[14:02] Commitment to Curiosity – Julie explores the implications of a commitment to curiosity and an ongoing dialogue with our team members, as well as what we must do to determine what people want and how to best serve them.

[18:40] Contribution – Julie explains how contributing helps our coworkers feel like they are making a difference and are aligned with the mission. In addition, she discusses how we, as leaders or managers, should adopt a facilitator attitude to assist others in the beginning to realize this.

[26:45] Competence – Julie discusses how competency enables our coworkers to develop crucial abilities, skills, and knowledge.

[29:57] Learnership – Julie describes what learnership is and how it may be facilitated to accommodate an already hectic work schedule.

[40:29] Connection – Julie explains what connection is, why it is so important to us in the workplace and life, and how we may assist our colleagues in nurturing it.

[48:04] The Art of Relationship Building – Julie gives an explanation of how the art of relationship building should be practiced.

[50:33] Confidence – One of our goals is for our coworkers to have confidence in their abilities and capabilities. Julie describes the significance of their faith and how their lack of trust limits their potential for achievement.

[54:19] Swapping Out Shame for Safety – Julie explores ways to convince employees that there is no shame in expressing their emotions and that the workplace is a safe place to do so.

[01:01:55] Challenges – We want to assist our team in stepping up, stepping out, and stepping into situations that allow them to go beyond their comfort zones and discover new, varied, and challenging experiences. Explaining that Julie should discuss how to ensure that we stretch them without breaking them.

[01:09:59] Compensation – Julie demonstrates how we can meet the demand for money and financial growth without taking on a new role or title.


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