A Bold, Brave, and Intentional Path to Scaling Your Business with Brent Lowe

September 18, 2022

Being responsible for what you are doing is one of the most important aspects of building your desired business. Among the various aspects, it will help you to be a bold and brave business person. Our guest today is, Mr. Brent Lowe; founder of BASE Associates, a business coaching and consulting company, and author of ‘Lead Together’. Throughout the episode, we dive into three major concepts in the book, rules & agreements, types of power, radical responsibility, commitments, types of agreements, feedback and mutual curiosity, recruiting process, and more. 

Starting the conversation, Brent talks about his book ‘Lead Together’ and adult dynamics, traditionally hierarchy, and, keeping entrepreneurial energy alive as the three major things that listeners may come across. Brent dives deep into four highlights which people can expect from this.; employee satisfaction and engagement as the most important concepts which an organization should have if they want to lead together, adult dynamic, making decisions and processing information directly, and entrepreneurialism and creativity.

Continuing the conversation, Brent dives into radical responsibility which means taking ownership of the events that occur in anything and the knowledge about the importance of the responsibility. Brent shares the two sides of radical responsibility; taking ownership and doing the things that you already committed and being willing to correct mistakes and helping the whole system. 

The feeling of being part of any organizational process makes the employees more committed to the place they are working for. In the next phase of the conversation, Brent dives into what they are doing to make the employees feel that they are a part of this big process. 

The process of recruitment differs from one organization to the other but there are characteristics in the process like the ability to take responsibility, the ability to stay in the game, creativity, ability, and willingness to try new things, experiment, and find solutions. Wrapping up the conversation, Brent dives into why he wrote the book and how can the readers find and try the solutions which may work for them that had been tried by another company with the same problem. 

[01.49] Motivation – Brent shares what motivates him at present in his life. 

[05.20] The three concepts – Brent dives into the concepts of self-management, self-leadership, and TEAL in the book. 

[08.21] Rules & agreements – Brent dives into the difference between rules and agreements which every system possesses. 

[14.38] Highlights – Brent dives into four highlights which they had seen that companies got from the book. 

[18.23] Three qualities – Curiosity, creativity, and drive for results as the three qualities that leaders need to add for the organization to be successful, says Brent. 

[24.04] Types of power – power over, power for, power among, and power with as the four types of power in the organizational concept. 

[31.55] Radical responsibility – Brent dives into the meaning of radical responsibility and two sides of it. 

[35.56] Accountable for radical responsibility – Conversation is the key to having an adult-to-adult system and what makes it difficult to achieve that. 

[43.08] Commitments – Brent dives into the two sides of commitment and the three ‘r’s; recap, review, and record that comes under commitment. 

[51.02] Types of agreements – Brent talks about the three types of agreements; governance, operating, and social. 

[55.17] Being a part of – Brent discusses the things that they do to avoid the feeling of being left behind from the process of decision-making of the employees. 

[59.48] Swarm artificial intelligence – Artificial Swarm Intelligence is an AI platform that enables groups of all sizes to collaborate online and make choices together while swarming algorithms keep track of their actions and reactions.

[01.01.29] Decision-making – Brent dives into two major decision-making processes; the advice process and the generative process. 

[01.08.30] Feedback and mutual curiosity – Brent dives deep into how important feedback is to move forward and how the two concepts connect when it comes to decision-making. 

[01.13.30] Recruiting practices – Brent shares how the recruitment process differs from one organization to the other. 

[01.19.41] Sense and respond – Brent defines the meanings of sense and respond and how people are making decisions based on that. 


LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentloweconnects/?originalSubdomain=ca Website – https://www.leadtogether.co/

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