Financial literacy is one of the life skills many of us have a hard time developing and don’t pay attention to. When it comes to moms, managing money can easily become a headache as they already have a lot on their plates. And with all the tech quirks of modern society, such as influence social media, it can be even harder to make savvy financial decisions. That’s why we decided to have a deep conversation with someone who specializes in helping moms develop their money management skills. Catherine Alford, the author of  ‘Mom’s Got Money: A Millennial Mom’s Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss,’ joins us on the podcast today to share her wisdom with our listeners.

Kindness is one of the beautiful things that always make our lives better in some way, shape, or form. The more we practice kindness, the better we’ll feel and the better our relationships will be. In today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning, we’re having a deep conversation with someone who has mastered the art of being kind. Donna Cameron, the author of the multi-award-winning book, “A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You,” joins us today to talk about all things kindness.

Creating an environment where everyone can come together and be themselves is essential in every ecosystem. Yet, despite its impact, most of us are less aware of doing it correctly. Today we have Michael Bath, award-winning and best-selling author and global executive with tremendous experience in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. In today’s episode of pursuit of learning, we dive deep into his book, “Birds of All Feathers” where he broadly addresses doing the diversity and inclusion right.

Student debt, financial literacy, and mental health are all intertwined. However, striking the correct balance between these three components is not as simple as it sounds. In today’s episode of the Pursuit of Learning, we are having a mind-blowing conversation with someone who has mastered the art of balancing above three elements mentioned above through the complex and long journey she had. Melanie Lockert, a freelance personal finance writer, podcaster, event organizer at Lola Retreat, and a mental health advocate, joins us today to talk about how she reached her debt-free life after years of hard work.