Clint Robert Murphy

#13: Physical literacy and long-term athletic development with Ian Perry

Ian Perry is a personal trainer, strength coach and has years of experience working with athletes from a wide range of backgrounds from regular joe and jane to amateur athletes to professional athletes. He is the Director of Performance at Capital Strength Training Systems in Ottawa.

Fitness and strength are two things we all should be mindful of. As we age, having strength training, athletics and sports as part of our lives make it much easier to maintain our muscle mass and bone strength. 

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Episode 9: Bo-Dean Sanders Part I – Transcript

In today’s episode, we have a deep discussion about race, diversity and inclusion through Sport with Bo-Dean Sanders

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Episode 8: Terry Sidhu – Transcript

In today’s episode, we have a deep discussion about how the mindfulness and meditation-related practices of the east and west differ from each other, essential aspects of meditation, practicing yoga, maintaining your mental health, and more. Ultimately, we work our way through Terry’s book: Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential.

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#8: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential with Terry Sidhu

Talwinder Terry Sidhu was introduced to meditation, in the Sikh tradition, and yoga at a young age by his Mother as a means to cope with bullying. He has now taught over 200 clients how to meditate in the past two years, including kids.
Through teaching meditation, he has helped over a hundred people manage their mental health without medication. Additionally, he has helped clients get out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy ones, launch their business, start their careers, and explore their inner spirituality.

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Episode 7: Traver Boehm – Transcript

Masculinity is a concept that has gone through huge transformations over a long time, and the way we perceive masculinity influences our lives in many aspects. Our guest today is a pioneer in inspiring men around the world to shift their experience of masculinity by combining the Primal Masculine with the Divine Masculine. Traver Boehm, the author of “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized,” two-time TEDx speaker and licensed acupuncturist, joins us today to talk about all things masculinity. Throughout the episode, we talk about Traver’s journey through heartache, loss, and grief, managing emotions, Traver’s man Uncivilized movement, and much more.

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