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#2: Terry B. McDougall – Transcript

The Pursuit of Learning – Terry McDougall (1) Fri, 4/9 9:48PM • 1:30:39 SUMMARY KEYWORDS people, job, gremlin, talk, boss, coaching, listeners, high achievers, realize, understand, feel, recognize, terry, role, learning, thinking, book, client, bit, differently SPEAKERS Clint Murphy, Terry Boyle McDougall   Clint Murphy  00:03 Welcome to the pursuit of learning podcast. I’m your…

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#1 – Peter Beresford Transcript

Transcript of Episode 1 – Creativity and Mindfulness with Peter Beresford

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#1 – Mindfulness and creativity with Peter Beresford

Welcome to the Pursuit of Learning Podcast. Through this podcast, we hope to talk with experts from numerous backgrounds to gain wisdom that will help each of us grow: personally, professionally, and financially.
Today we have Peter Beresford as our very first guest. Peter is a teacher, creator, and author of a unique book, The Trump Guide to Spirituality. In this episode, Peter shares his perspective on religion, spirituality, meditation, creativity, and more.

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Amor Fati • Solar Energy • Memento Mori

Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that could be translated as either “love of fate” or “love of one’s fate”. A central tenet of the ancient and practial philosophy of Stoicism, it is often represented by the symbol of fire. As Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Emperor of Rome, wrote a blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it.

He also expressed his own version of Amor Fati when he said all that is in accord with you is in accord with me, O World! Nothing which occurs at the right time for you comes too soon or too late for me. All that your seasons produce, O Nature, is fruit for me.

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Principle 7 – Read Widely…Read Deeply…Challenge Your Beliefs

In Principle 6 – Never Stop Learning, one of the recommended ways of learning was to read voraciously.

What does that mean though?

How do I read to learn?

Read on to find out.

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