Most organizations, at some point in their lifecycle, come to points where they have to carefully navigate through volatile and uncertain times. And throughout the last couple of years, we all have been going through a period of extreme uncertainty. One of the keys to successfully handling volatile times is the ability to change. Since not all organizations are built the same way or with the same culture, some are better at change and transformation than others. In today’s episode, we have a deep conversation with Vanessa Akhtar and Gaurav Gupta, co-authors of Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results in Uncertain and Volatile Times.

Stephanie Hunter is a shadow work facilitator and transformational mentor in Vancouver, BC, and online. She leads programs, including a weekly women’s group with Georgianna Lee of Rising Woman and semi-annual Conscious Relationship Training founded by Phil T. She is gifted with the ability to translate woo-woo into practical terms, for bringing humor into hard work, and for Radical Acceptance. Hence is ready to bless anyone in need of her gift by helping them. In today’s episode, we have an interesting conversation with Stephanie regarding the framework for conscious living and radical honesty. She walks us through the eleven most important habits/ characteristics that make up this whole framework of the conscious code.

Today we have Jeff Leisawitz, who is a life coach for creative types, critically acclaimed author, instructor, speaker, and internationally distributed screenwriter, director, and producer. Having won the title, ‘The Best Independent Electronic Artist in the World’, having done over 5000 music placements in film and television, Jeff is also the author of the book, ‘Not F*ing Around’ – The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground. Throughout the episode, we talk about several concepts Jeff covers in his book, including finding and understanding passion, how curiosity helps us grow, why we should not be afraid of failure and more.

Welcome back to the Pursuit of Learning Podcast. In today’s episode, we Tracy Lamourie, a high profile international award-winning publicist, author, and the founder of Lamourie Media. Tracy is an inspirational advocate on several worldwide social issues, and she passionately works to help and be a voice for those who are in need. Throughout the episode, we talk about her travel adventures, her decades-long campaign to release a wrongfully convicted death row inmate, business building, public relations, and many more.