Welcome back to the pursuit of learning podcast. We’re back with the second part of our conversation with Bo-Dean Sanders, the author of  “Race Against… …Against Race.” In the previous episode with Bo-Dean, we talked about the early years of his life and his path to building a successful sports career. Today, we extend that conversation with some deep thoughts about the learnings from his life experiences, doing the right thing, and how we can become better human beings.

Improving diversity and inclusion and building harmony among different cultures and communities is one of the biggest challenges we need to overcome at all levels of society. Our guest today is a pioneer in advocating for diversity and inclusion. Bo-Dean Sanders, a speaker and the author of the book “Race Against… …Against Race”, joins us to talk about all things diversity. Today’s episode is the first of a two-part series with Bo-Dean Sanders, and in today’s episode, we work through Bo-Dean’s background, culture in his home community, his high school and college years, lessons he learned throughout the years.