A particular message is receiving a lot of play these days. The message is clear: if you want to make it in life, you need to put yourself front and center, make your way to the top, become the boss, or do whatever it takes to achieve the success set before you. But suppose there is a different approach. What if there is more to life than just the pursuit of notoriety, wealth, and influence? Tim Schurrer encourages listeners to rethink what it means to be successful and discover a more open approach to reaching our goals throughout today’s episode of the pursuit of learning podcast. 

Being polite is not the same as compassionate leadership; compassionate leadership is a powerful style of leadership that, when skillfully executed, can lift spirits and profits to new heights. Compassionate leaders are not lacking in strength. They are strong leaders who are also aware that they may be kind to their employees while achieving tremendous success. In point of fact, showing concern for one’s workforce is directly correlated to improved performance. My guest today, Donato Tramuto, is a well-known CEO, business leader, innovator, and philanthropist. During today’s conversation, he illustrates that compassion is essential to effective leadership because it boosts morale, builds more substantial teams, improves overall performance, and creates a sustainable commitment to an organization’s mission and values.

Did you ever wonder why your brand does not have any sales and why it keeps happening? Maybe the customers don’t know your brand, or basically, they do not trust you. If you are interested in finding out how to drive sales for your brand, then this episode is just for you. Our guest today is Jeremy Miller, Strategy Consultant and Founder of Sticky Branding and the author of ‘’ Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand’’. Throughout the episode, we dive into why the sticky brand is important to brand owners, shared experience, simple clarity, service your customers brilliantly, being brilliant at the basics, creating a visual identity, and more.

Being responsible for what you are doing is one of the most important aspects of building your desired business. Among the various aspects, it will help you to be a bold and brave businessman. Our guest today is, Mr. Brent Lowe; founder of BASE Associates, a business coaching and consulting company, and author of ‘Lead Together’. Throughout the episode, we dive into three major concepts in the book, rules & agreements, types of power, radical responsibility, commitments, types of agreements, feedback and mutual curiosity, recruiting process, and more. 

It is no longer customary to define career advancement solely in terms of promotions, transfers, and title changes. Beyond the ascent up the positional ladder, there are numerous more ways personnel can and desire to develop. Nevertheless, many businesses continue to operate under the misconception that promotions are the only choice for professional advancement, leaving employees disengaged, managers frustrated, and the company at a disadvantage in its efforts to retain talent. In today’s episode of pursuit of learning, we speak with Julie Winkle Giulioni about seven different dimensions, how we may focus on his leaders to create a sticky business and practical suggestions and methods a firm can implement.