Random writings

Principle 6 – Never Stop Learning

You can learn anything you want.

In Principle 6 – Never Stop Learning, we highlight some of the methods you can use to learn anything you want

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Principle 5 – Cardiovascular Exercise

Principle 5 is near and dear to my heart. My whole life, cardiovascular fitness has been something that set me apart. Growing up, I played practically every major N. American sport, most of them at a reasonably high level. As I aged, I focused more on school, learning, work and family and gave up on…

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Principle 4 – Lift Something…Heavy

Man or Woman, there is something to be said for strength. Increased strength can improve your quality of life and help with doing everyday activities: Improved balance Decreased risk of falls Ability to carry groceries Getting in and out of chairs These are some simple activities that get harder as we age.

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Principle 3 – Meditate daily

Daily meditation? Why should you do that? There are immeasurable benefits to meditation. Improved sleep Clearer thinking Stress reduction Reduced anxiety Generates kindness Helps fight addictions Improved self-esteem Improved pain control Increased attention span Enhanced self-awareness Improved emotional health Reduced memory age-loss Reduced risk of depression Decrease in blood pressure Can this all be real?…

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Principle 2 – Wake-up earlier

Wait, another person telling me that I should be waking up earlier. Why? What’s in it for me? I believe that you should wake-up earlier for two reasons: Choices Discipline Before I dive in, I know there is research that indicates we have different sleep rhythms, that some of us aren’t as productive earlier in…

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