#1 – Mindfulness and creativity with Peter Beresford

Welcome to the Pursuit of Learning Podcast.

Through this podcast, we hope to grow personally, professional and financially on conversation at a time.

To do that, we will talk with authors and subject matter experts across a variety of topics and my job, as your host, will be to pull out the nuggets of wisdom to facilitate that growth.

Today we have Peter Beresford as our very first guest. Peter is a teacher, creator, and author of a unique book, The Trump Guide to Spirituality. In this episode, Peter shares his perspective on religion, spirituality, meditation, creativity, and more.

Peter grew up in a Catholic background, practiced Catholicism until his early twenties. At that point, his critical thinking guided him to ask questions about religion and look at religions from a different perspective, Peter partially stepped away, leaning towards Buddhism. We dive into the conversation by talking about his transition in religious practices, his views on mindfulness and prayer, and the way Buddhism and mindfulness can help us improve our creativity. 

Peter has traveled extensively in Asia. He has worked in Korea, teaching English as a second language, and he has also completed a 14-month backpacking journey through Asia, working and traveling in quite a few countries. We talk about how these adventures and meeting people from different cultures shaped Peter’s life and the lessons he learned. Peter also talks about a genius trick he uses to maintain students’ attention while teaching through Zoom. 

Self-publishing a book can be challenging for an author, and it can be even more challenging when the book is related to a US President who is not only in office, but is in the midst of an election. That’s what Peter had to face when he was self-publishing his book, The Trump Guide to Spirituality. Peter shares with us how he came up with the idea, the intention behind this unique book, the challenges he had to face, and how he’s going to use the lessons he learned from this experience to make his future projects successful. 

We hope you enjoy this interview.

[03:11] Religion and Life – Peter grew up in a Catholic background, and later in life, he started practicing Buddhism. Peter talks about his views about religion and how critical thinking influenced Peter for this transition.

[09:14] Prayer and Mindfulness – How prayer could help us in stressful situations and how the concepts of mindfulness and prayer are connected.

[14:40] Meditation – Peter talks about what meditation brings into his life, how he incorporated mediation in his life, the struggles of maintaining a consistent meditation practice, and what he does to manage his time for meditation.

[26:04] Buddhism, Mindfulness and Creativity – How Buddhism and mindfulness helped Peter sharpen his creativity.

[32:30] Identifying Creativity – Peter opens up about how he realized what his creative talents were growing up, how he developed his creative skills, and how you can inspire your children to identify and improve their creative traits. 

[38:47] Technology, Social Media and Creativity – Peter shares his take on how the new technologies and trends we see on social media influence younger generations and how parents can guide their children to use new technologies in a positive way.

[52:03] Teaching in Korea –  What Peter learned from his time in Korea teaching English as a second language and some memorable moments from the journey. 

[59:06] Backpacking Through Asia – Peter started a 14-month backpacking trip through Asia and was able to complete his journey with effectively zero spendings. He talks about what it takes to successfully complete such a journey and what he learned from it.

[1:06:27] The Trump Guide to Spirituality – Peter talks about what his book is, and about the intention behind creating it.

[1:14:50] Publishing Journey – Publishing the Trumps Guide to Spirituality has not been an easy experience for Peter, especially because at the time of publishing President Trump was in office and running for re-election. Peter shares what he learned by going through the obstacles that were in his way. Peter also talks about how he plans to speed up this process for future issuances. 

[1:24:27] Habits, Routines, and Practices – Peter shares the habits and practices he maintains consistently to achieve his best performance.


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