#11: Multi-family real estate investing and syndication with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka, is a real estate investor who owns 4,200+ units across the United States alone and with syndicate partners. He’s also the host of the Simple Passive Cashflow‬ podcast, where he shares his wisdom on investing. 

Doing what we love and being financially independent is a dream many of us have. This week on the Pursuit of Learning podcast, we talk with someone who has achieved that goal at a young age. 

Lane started his career as an Engineer, and invested in real estate on the side. Today, he is focused on real estate and recently quit his day job as an engineer. Lane has a unique perspective on how he sees the world, money, time, and investments that have helped him achieve his goals. Throughout this interview, Lane shares his wisdom and lessons he has learned over the years with us.

Lane grew up in Hawaii and the culture of the island has informed his business practice. We start our conversation with Lane by diving into his background in Hawaii, his experience of growing up in the islands, how the culture shaped his life and influenced his business philosophy. Lane shares his unique view on how the people we grow up with have the ability to influence our careers, financial status, and the way our thinking patterns work, and the role schools play in this. In the early days of Lane’s career, he had to save money for the investments he wanted to make, and he had a few smart ways of saving money while doing a day job. We also talk about these methods and how you can use them.

Diving into Lane’s work in the real estate business, we discuss a few key aspects of the real estate business, different types of markets and how they differ from each other, how to take the first step for a big investment, what you can do to improve yourself, how real estate syndication works, some of the lessons Lane has learned from mistakes, and numerous other bits of wisdom from Lane. Wrapping up the episode, Lane answers some questions about things that are a bit outside of the real estate arena. 

We hope you enjoy this interview with Lane Kawaoka.

[01:55] Life in Hawaii – What is it like to grow up in Hawaii, the cultural background, and how it influenced Lane’s business philosophy.

[04:24] Influence at School – Lane shares his take on the influence schools and peers at school have on people’s lives and what to keep in mind if you want to continue your life on a different path.

[12:05] Saving Money – Lane talks about some of the smart methods he utilized to save money early in his career.

[18:05] From Employee to Doing What You Want – Lane shares his take on the value of being able to do what you want and being financially independent. 

[23:43] Key Aspects of Real Estate – Lane dives into how cashflow, principal paydown, long-term appraisal increase differ in single-family, multi-family, primary and tertiary markets.

[31:54] Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Markets – What these types of markets mean and who they differ in terms of economy, environment, people, and pricing.

[38:41] Starting to Buy Investments – Lane shares some tips and tricks to help you start saving money for investments and for motivating yourself to get into investments.

[44:17] Taking the First Step – At one point, Lane had to take a big decision and go to another state in order to chase his targets. Lane talks about the thought process behind making that big decision, the culture shock that followed, and how his business grew from there.

[51:55] Self Improvement – Once Lane was in a significantly stable position, he started investing heavily in self-improvement and connecting with the right peers. Lane shares with us the benefits and opportunities he could obtain from that effort.

[57:27] Positive and Negative Debt – How to identify debt that will keep you in the rat race for longer and how to take advantage of debt that will help you get out of the rat race.

[1:02:52] Time, Money, Knowledge, and Network – Lane unpacks the value of four key things that will decide where your career and financial status may be headed.

[1:05:20] Turnkey Rentals & Syndicated Deals – Lane explains what these two concepts involve and the pros and cons of them.

[1:14:01] What Comes Next – Lane shares what types of markets he’s excited to invest in and why he prefers these markets.

[1:27:41] Mistakes & Struggles  –  Some of the lessons Lane has learned from mistakes made along the way and what he does to overcome his struggles.


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