#13: Physical literacy and long-term athletic development with Ian Perry

Ian Perry is a personal trainer, strength coach and has years of experience working with athletes from a wide range of backgrounds from regular joe and jane to amateur athletes to professional athletes. He is the Director of Performance at Capital Strength Training Systems in Ottawa.

Fitness and strength are two things we all should be mindful of. As we age, having strength training, athletics and sports as part of our lives make it much easier to maintain our muscle mass and bone strength. 

Ian joins us today to talk about physical literacy, the long-term athlete development model, diet, sleep, recovery and more. 

Sports and fitness were embedded into Ian’s life from a very young age and we dive right into how he got started with fitness and strength training. 

While Ian was at Queen’s University, he started a training business in the summers and ran the business for four years on his Summer breaks. He talks about what inspired him to start the business, how it evolved over the years, and lessons learned.  

In his early years, Ian has worked with lots of young athletes. Today, he takes us through some of the strategies for keeping young athletes motivated, adapting training strategies based on the personal traits of the athletes, long-term athlete development, and what parents should consider when guiding their children toward sport specializations. He also shares with us how his career evolved after finishing his university years and an interesting story of going to Taiwan to provide guidance to coaches and trainers of a professional volleyball team there.

Although fitness training is a regular practice in the life of an athlete, it may be a bit harder for the average person to integrate into their busy life. Ian talks in-depth about how to get the most out of the minimum. He provides some simple diet advice, the importance of adequate sleep, how walking is underestimated by the average person and how to be consistent. 

Wrapping up the episode, Ian talks about what 2020 was like for him, some of the strategies he used to keep in touch with his clients remotely and what the future looks like for him and Capital Strength Training Systems.  

[02:24] Path to Fitness – Ian talks about how his background in sports and the mentors he had growing up paved the way for him to become a fitness professional. 

[03:40] Starting a Training Business – While most students in the university use their vacation to take some time off or do a seasonal job, Ian used his vacation to start a business. He talks about how he found that opportunity, how he got the business off the ground, and lessons learned from that experience.

[08:00] Motivating Athletes – Strategies for motivating young athletes and helping them grow to be successful athletes based on their personal traits.

[11:30] Long-term Athlete Development – Ian dives into the concept of continuously educating children in numerous aspects of science related to physical and athletic development over time. 

[16:23] Specializations in Sports – Ian shares his thoughts on how a parent should approach specialization in a sport for their kids. 

[24:39] People in From Different Sports – Working with athletes from different backgrounds has been a vital part of Ian’s work. He shares with us how the people he has worked with influenced and inspired him to explore new things.

[29:35] Life After University – How the few years that came right after university shaped Ian’s career and what Ian learned while going through the transition from college athletics.

[35:35] Strength Coaching for Hockey – Ian once worked as the head strength and conditioning coach for a junior hockey team. He shares with us his experience coaching young hockey players and the strategies he used to cater to their requirements.

[38:00] Next Transition – Ian talks about the shift he made to his current path and how he built his reputation working with a wide range of clients.

[47:10] Post Surgery Recoveries – Ian has worked with many clients to help them recover from various injuries. He shares with us some of his success stories and the strategies he uses to help his clients recover properly with an integrative approach. 

[50:19] Fitness for the Average Person – How Ian customizes workout strategies to fit into the busy lives of the average person and some tips & tricks we can use to improve our fitness as we age.

[1:07:30] Future of fitness – Ian shares his take on what the future may look like for the fitness arena and some of the positive and negative trends he has seen in recent years.

[1:19:58] Diets – Ian talks about some interesting ways we can plan our diets and some tips & tricks for consistently following a diet.

[1:22:40] Ian’s Year 2020 – The last year came with unexpected outcomes for all of us. Ian talks about what it was like to go through lockdowns, how he adapted his tactics to reach his clients while they’re at their homes and some of the business continuity and marketing strategies they used during the pandemic.


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