#18: Not F*cking Around with Jeff Leisawitz

Today we have Jeff Leisawitz, who is a life coach for creative types, critically acclaimed author, instructor, speaker, and internationally distributed screenwriter, director, and producer. Having won the title, ‘The Best Independent Electronic Artist in the World’, having done over 5000 music placements in film and television, Jeff is also the author of the book, ‘Not F*ing Around’ – The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground. Throughout the episode, we talk about several concepts Jeff covers in his book, including finding and understanding passion, how curiosity helps us grow, why we should not be afraid of failure and more.

Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission to inspire and teach writers, artists, songwriters, musicians, filmmakers, solopreneurs, arts organizations, and every other human with a heartbeat to amp up their vision, tap into their potential and shine in the world. With the philosophy, “At its best, creativity is a way for us to be seen, expressed, and connected,” Jeff has helped empower countless people to tap deeply into their creative hearts to live richer, more fulfilling lives. By combining decades of street cred with personalized exercises, guided meditations, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Re-Patterning) techniques, Jeff’s clients have overcome creative blocks including fear of failure, the inner critic, imposter syndrome, etc.

We start the discussion with Jeff’s philosophy behind his first critically acclaimed book, Not F*ing Around, and his perspective on the meaning of the concept of not f*cking around. He explains the importance of searching squashed passions, rekindling them by awakening the curiosity of wanting to know more about a certain subject matter, and figuring out the ‘Why’ behind a passion in order to ease the journey of personal growth and, achieving one’s goals and passions. 

Another concept we discuss in detail is how to achieve a certain goal by remaining accountable. Jeff dives into some of the scientific research that shows why we’re more likely to be dedicated to working towards a goal when we have declared our goals to someone. Jeff also talks about the problems associated with the way most people understand failure and how we can grow and learn better by redefining failure as feedback. 

[1:15] Not Effing Around – Jeff unpacks the definition of not effing around from his perspective, which is to tune to ourselves, understand our dreams and desires, and move towards that on a daily basis. 

[3:15] Searching for the Squashed Passion – Jeff beautifully explains how when we’re young, intentionally or not, our passion is tamped down by people around us and why we have to slow down and limit our distractions in order to find it back. 

[6:15] Curiosity is Key to Growth – The tendency to know more and more about a subject matter die as we grow up to be an adult. Jeff talks about how we can keep our curiosity alive as we grow old.

[7:40] The ‘Why’ Behind the Passion – One of the things Jeff emphasizes is that identifying why we’re passionate about something is as equally important as figuring out the passion. We talk about how knowing the reason behind a certain goal and the intention of doing it makes the journey even easier. 

[9:30] Emotionally Potent Experience – Explaining about figuring the ‘Why’ behind a passion, Jeff also discusses how he looks for one’s emotionally potent experience from the past during his coaching classes, helping them in the process of taking a negative experience and turning it positive. 

[11:50] Finding the Passion – Jeff clarifies that we should be aware of having found our passion when it lights up every part of us. He explains that when we’re passionate and aligned with the truth, the energy will just flow, and that’s when they should know they’ve found their passion.

[15:55] Being Accountable to Someone – When we declare our goals and intentions to someone in our circle, we’re more likely to be working on that goal. Jeff quotes that a number of scientists have done their research on this topic and found that if someone else is waiting for you or checking in with you to do something, the chances of you doing it are higher. 

[22:30] Present Influences the Future – The present moment is where all the action is. We talk about why we should act in the present if we want to change our future. 

[25:15] Redefining Failure – Jeff talks about why we should redefine failure as feedback instead of being afraid of failure and how it helps us achieve our goals.

[33:09] Choices – Life is always the result of our choices. Jeff talks about how to be conscious of the reasons why we make certain choices and. 


Jeff’s book, Not F*ing Around: https://www.amazon.com/Not-ing-Around-Getting-Creative/dp/0692899960/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500397877&sr=8-1&keywords=leisawitz

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