21: Leadership List with Rich Huisman

Leadership is an essential skill that an organization needs to develop within their member in order to thrive and overcome challenges and obstacles that may stand in its way. In today’s episode of the pursuit of learning, we’re having a fascinating conversation with someone who specializes in helping business leaders radically improve themselves and transform their businesses. Rich Huisman, the president of JENT Consulting Inc. and the author of the LEADERS’ LIST, joins us today to talk about the ten traits that every great leader must have and how you can develop these traits.

Rich started his career in the corporate world, working in sales and worked his way up to become an executive. We start the conversation with the story of his career journey, lessons he learned from working in the corporate arena for years, and some of the things that inspire and motivate him. Rich later left the corporate world to focus more on family and to start his own consulting practice. We also dive into the story of what influenced him to leave the corporate environment and start his business, JENT Consulting, and the story behind its name.

With his experience of working with several organizations and business leaders, Rich developed an assessment that helps leaders to measure their leadership skills. He dives into what inspired him to develop this tool and how our listeners can use it to assess their leadership skills. In the next section, we start exploring the ten traits Rich mentions in his book that every great leader must have, starting with love and empathy. Diving into each of these traits, Rich shares his wisdom on why these traits are important for leaders, some of his experiences related to these traits, and some practical methods, exercises, and strategies leaders can utilize to develop the ten traits and improve their leadership skills.

[01:00] Motivation – We start the conversation with a few things that motivated Rich and some valuable life lessons Rich shares with us.

[03:00] Corporate Life – Rich started his career in sales and climbed the corporate ladder throughout the years, working at several executive-level positions. We talk about some of his experiences and what he learned from his corporate career.

[08:20] Entrepreneurship – We talk about what inspired Rich to start his business, JENT Consulting, and the story behind the name of the company.

[12:00] Assessing Leadership – Rich shares with us the process behind developing a tool that helps leaders assess their core leadership skills and how you can use it to identify aspects you can improve.

[18:55] Growth Mindset – Why having a growth mindset is crucial for an organization to push forward and how to build the right mindset.

[22:18] Love and Empathy – We dive into the first element of the leadership list, love and empathy. Rich shares his thoughts on how you can be a better leader by developing empathy and some practical tips for leaders to improve their love and empathy.

[34:14] Humility – Rich talks about the second topic in his leadership list, humility. We dive into why it’s important and how to develop it within an organization.

[43:41] Inspiring Followership – How to develop a leadership style that inspires other people to follow you.

[50:20] Passion and Work Ethic – If you are not passionate about what you’re doing, your staff and the people you lead will know immediately, and your inspiring fellowship scores will plummet to non-existent levels, says Rich. We talk about the crucial role passion & work ethic play in the success of a leader and how to develop these skills.

[1:03:40] Working More versus Growth – Working long hours doesn’t necessarily guarantee to get things done or growth. We talk about how leaders can identify the right route to get things done.

[1:13:12] Learning for Leaders – One of the characteristics of great leaders is that they continuously learn new things and try to improve themselves. Rich shares some tips and tricks for leaders to improve themselves.

[1:21:22] Vision & Communication – The success of a business venture heavily relies on the vision of the business and proper planning for the future. Rich talks about how companies that do not have a clear vision fall behind and what leaders can do to prevent this.

[1:26:43] Execution – Execution and actually making things happen is what gives plans a true meaning. Rich shares his thoughts on how leaders can approach developing strategies that actually make things happen and accomplish their goals.


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Website: theleaderslist.com / www.jentconsulting.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/richhuisman

the LEADERS’ LIST: Are you a Great Leader? Find out now!

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