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We want to make ourselves the boss right now. We want to lose weight more quickly. In general terms, society has become addicted to short fixes. We want to believe that there is a hidden cheat code, hack, or shortcut for all of these. But, deep down, we see right through the deception, which makes us nervous. Today’s guest in the Pursuit of Learning podcast is an incredible individual who teaches how to reach the maximum potential at whatever point in our careers or lives. He offers winning tactics from the trenches, where the strongest minds dominate, based on his eight years of intensive Olympic training, near-death ocean adventures, and work as an executive coach and corporate trainer. Adam Kreek, an executive business coach, joins us today to address numerous aspects related to responsibility ethics and values-driven achievement techniques, which he teaches to increase professional impact and achievement. 

Adam works with high-performing CEOs, business owners, and organizations to increase engagement, growth, and measurable results. His book, The Responsibility Ethic, a fascinating narrative with solid teaching and direct application, pushes business leaders worldwide to pursue their aspirations and accept responsibility for their achievement. He outlines the 12 basic principles of self-leadership that have driven his extraordinary accomplishments in The Responsibility Ethic and demonstrates how you may master them as well.

Throughout today’s conversation, Adam delivers mind-blowing explanations on locus of control and its importance, goal formulation, and goal attainment. Also, diving deep into the concept of shared leadership, he explains the three C’s of shared leadership. Additionally, Adam delves into how good stress and a self-assured attitude toward failure can completely revolutionize your life and career. Further, in The Responsibility Ethic, Adam delves into the various ways a person might accept responsibility in their personal lives, businesses, and leadership positions. These twelve responsibility ethics cover many topics, from taking responsibility for our fears and failures to mentoring, stress, leadership, and even safety. Readers will have a better grasp of taking greater ownership of their lives and careers through this book.

During the conversation, Adam highlights that not everything we do has to be about the journey, but rather the destination and journey. Also, he explains what it means to accept responsibility and how “responsibility ethics” might alter how you view yourself and the world during today’s conversation. Finally, ending the conversation, he emphasizes the necessity of professionalism, communication, and mentoring in workplace leadership.

[00:18] Motivation – Adam shares what motivates him in life right now, as well as the message he wants to convey to the listeners today. 

[04:12] Impact of COVID – Adam discusses the influence of COVID on his consultancy business and other facets of his life. 

[13:52] Adam’s Book – Adam provides an overview of his book, The Responsibility Ethic: 12 Winning Strategies to Power Lasting Success and Happiness. 

[19:47] Gold Medal Syndrome – Adam explains what he refers to as gold medal syndrome.

[23:32] Locus of Control – Adam addresses the concept of locus of control and its significance in determining a person’s success in life. 

[32:56] Audacious Goals – Adam shares how he approaches a big audacious goal and critical facts that need to be considered in goal setting. 

[39:27] Destination and Journey – Adam emphasizes that everything we do does not have to be about the journey itself, but rather about the destination and journey. 

[41:22] Hard goals – Adam expresses his opinion about setting challenging goals sharing his personal experiences.

[51:31] Shared Leadership – Sharing his views on leadership, Adam shares his thoughts on creating a culture of shared leadership. 

[01:01:45] Push Through – Adam emphasizes the importance of experiential learning by describing how he teaches that to someone who has never tasted failure but has persevered. 

[01:08:02] Benefits of Stress – Adam explores the benefits of stress, the importance of determining the appropriate degree of stress, and the point of recovery. 

[01:18:09] Recovering From Stress – Adam broadly explains some of the recovery strategies he uses with his clients. 

[01:21:42] Fasting – Adam shares the benefits he experiences from his 36 hours of fasting. 

[01:26:17] Coaching – Adam explains how he became a coach and his inspiration behind being a coach. 

[01:31:32] C Suite Executives – Adam discusses why he would encourage C suite executives to join up with a coach or mentor and the benefits they will receive in their career, life, and all domains.

[01:37:51] Communication – Adam underlines the role of communication and a few of the strategies he employs for it.


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