Becoming a Content Entrepreneur with the Godfather of Content Marketing: Joe Pulizzi

Every start-up and entrepreneur faces the challenge of reaching and attracting clients. However, content marketing comes in handy when surviving and thriving in the industry without pitching the goods. Hence, developing an online content platform that draws new clients is critical to business success. First, however, it is vital to understand how to position yourself as an informational leader in your niche and create well-liked content produced by traditional media companies. Today, our guest is someone who coined the term “content marketing” way back in 2001. It has since grown to become the fastest growing industry in the internet marketing industry. Joe Pulizzi, the author of ‘Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses,’ joins us today to share his wisdom on content creation and content marketing.

Content Inc. has been a top direct marketing bestseller since September 2015. Through this book, Joe introduces a new business model that uncovers how entrepreneurs with limited resources can build a massive online audience as the engine that drives their entire businesses. In addition, this book suggests a systematic process any entrepreneur or small business owner can use to dominate the market without initially selling anything.

Other than being an author, Joe is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and podcast host. Over his career, Joe has spoken at over 400 sites in 16 countries to promote content marketing. From Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Summit to SXSW to NAMM to Nestle to DuPont to SAP to HP and Dell, he has given keynote talks at various high-profile events and organizations.

Starting the conversation, Joe states how his two children and his desire to help people motivate him right now in his life. Joe started his career in publishing, and then he found out something called content marketing. Although Joe shifted his writings to mysteries and thrillers later, he is back as a content creator, focusing on a whole new business. In his words, these days, he is going down the rabbit hole. 

In 2007, Joe left a six-figure job as an executive to start his own business. He has founded several companies, including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). It is the top content marketing educational resource for enterprise brands, which Inc. magazine named the fastest growing business media company in 2014 and 2015. Moreover, Joe is the founder of The Tilt, an email newsletter. Through this, he aims to assist lonely content creators in turning their business into a content empire. 

The Content Council named Joe as the winner of the 2014 John Caldwell Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, fortune Magazine named Joe’s third book, Epic Content Marketing, one of the “Five Must Read Business Books of the Year” in 2013. Killing Marketing, his most recent book, was released in September of this year. 

[03:44] Story of Joe’s Life – Joe shares his way so far, mentioning numerous turning points in his career.

[8.27] Concept of Content Inc. –  He reveals how he got the idea for his book and how it became the driver of his success.

[21:09] Audience First – Joe explains why he believes in building the audience first and defining the products and services later.

[25:43] Listen to the Audience – Joe explains how his audience helps him figure out what to do next.

[25:43] Sweet Spot – The sweet spot is not enough to differentiate our content; we have to break through the clutter. Joe describes how to identify the intersection between our expertise and our audience’s desire.

[29:42] Niche Down – Most of us think we should start broad. However, Joe emphasizes the necessity of addressing a small audience. 

[36:21] Stay Connected with the Audience – Joe talks about numerous means to understand the audience better by sharing his experiences. 

[40:45] Community Drives the Roadmap – Joe shares how he learns from his audience and figures out his monetization strategy and long-term product rollout strategy. 

[42:35] Importance of Patience –Joe states that success takes time, and it is not a short-term thing, highlighting the necessity of patience. 

[50:53] Ask the Audience – Joe explains how to find out what the audience gets out of our content by simply asking them. 

[55:00] Emotional Storytelling – He highlights the differences between needs and wants. Moreover, he explains how to use storytelling to create the audience.

[01:07:04] Choose the Platform – Joe dives deep into the significance of choosing the right channel to address the audience, mentioning three factors to consider. 

[01:20:00] Consistency – Joe emphasizes the importance of consistency in the process of content creation. 

[01:22:07] Newsletters – Joe expresses his thoughts on emails and newsletters and shares a couple of tips and tricks related to them. 

[01:27:48 ] MVA – MVA stands for Minimum Viable Audience. Joe explains what it is and the importance of identifying it. 

[01:43:53] Sell or Go Big –  Joe shares his insights on what to do if we are on a stage to decide either selling or expanding.

[01:47:22] Roadblocks – Joe points out some of the roadblocks that most content entrepreneurs experience and highlights the value of managing the expenses and having a balanced life in every aspect.


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