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A business should be a place where people thrive, not merely survive. Also, on the other hand, whether it is a firm or whatever else, the critical factor is not being the best in the world; it is about being the best for the world. My guest in today’s episode of Pursuit of Learning podcast helps leaders build more vital organizations that their employees never want to leave. My guest is a self-motivated entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business start-up, leadership, sales management, management training, and assisting teams in growing multimillion-dollar accounts. He leverages this knowledge to develop a teachable relationship and business methods that are built on trust, service, support, connection, and continuous follow-through.

Clint Pulver, a professional keynote speaker, author, musician, pilot, and workforce expert, joins us today to share his wisdom and experiences on how great leaders build organizations where their employees never want to leave. Recognized as the industry’s foremost authority on employee retention. Clint’s work and studies as the Undercover Millennial have altered how organizations such as Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard build lasting loyalty. He was named a “Top 40 Under 40” by BusinessQ Magazine, and Clint earned an Emmy Award for his short film Be a Mr. Jensen in 2020, which chronicles how a single moment in time and one particular mentor can alter the direction of one’s life. In addition, Clint has interviewed and analyzed thousands of people from hundreds of firms to establish himself as the foremost authority on assisting corporations in reducing employee turnover, increasing engagement, and establishing lasting loyalty.

In today’s conversation, Clint discusses the primary cause of employee turnover, what leaders can do to halt an exodus, how to establish a team that truly works, how to identify opportunities where others see difficulties, and how to harness the power of little moments to create a lasting legacy. Clint is a firm believer that a single instant in time can fundamentally alter the course of a person’s life. He has toured the world speaking to a varied range of audiences, inspiring them to dream, excel, connect, and believe in themselves and the power of others. Also, for more than a decade, Clint has dedicated his heart, messages, and business to assist organizations in better understanding the younger generation and helping the more youthful people better understand themselves by living a life of importance rather than merely success.

Clint recently published a book, “I Love It Here: How Great Leaders Create Organizations Their People Never Want to Leave,” in which he shares insights gleaned from over ten thousand undercover interviews with employees across the country, revealing the most effective methods for identifying talent, fostering a sense of ownership, and cultivating a thriving workplace culture that employees adore. Most importantly, he discusses numerous aspects of mentorship throughout the podcast, including the importance of mentorship, strategies to make it more effective and get the most out of it, and how mentorship differs from the typical employer-employee relationship.

[00:21] Motivation – Clint discusses what motivates him right now and how he has been able to stay motivated while working through his recent loss. 

[03:39] The Beauty of Standing in the Tension – Clint outlines how a leader should respond to employees who approach them with a life difficulty. 

[05:52] Clint’s Observations – Cint recounts his lessons from witnessing a leader of an organization, then talking to his employees, and finding out things were significantly different than what he got when he spoke to the employer directly. 

[09:59] Undercover Millennial Program – Clint explains how they gathered the truest and honest statistics on employee retention ever collected and how the excellent leaders instilled loyalty that lasted.

[12:22] Impact of Covid – Clint discusses the influence of COVID on organizations and employer-employee relationships. 

[16:08] Mentorship – Clint delves extensively into the significance of mentorship while exploring the five C’s of mentorship. 

[27:01] Expectations and Standards – Clint emphasizes the value of expectations and standards while also stressing the necessity of connection and empathy. 

[31:59] Moments – Clint presents one of his life-changing tales and explains how it has impacted his life and how listeners may apply it in their daily lives as leaders. 

[40:13] Types of Leaders- Clint is a firm believer that there is no fast way to get to know an employee. Clint discusses where he sees people attempting shortcuts, why they fail, and what leaders need to do to foster that close relationship that enables them to understand their people’s potential. 

[44:57] Status Interview – Clint walks listeners through the definition of a status interview and how we utilize them to build relationships and connections. 

[51:06] Simplicity – Clint outlines four suggestions to make leaders’ lives easier so that they can engage with their people.

[56:41] Sense of Ownership – Clint explains how to increase their sense of ownership, why it’s helpful, and how to distinguish ownership from responsibility.

[59:15] Living vs. Existing – Clint points out three P’s and the contrast between living and existing. 

[01:03:00] Best for the world – Clint emphasizes the value of “doing what is best for the world” over “being the best in the world.”


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