Fire the Haters: Finding Courage to Create Online in a Critical World with Jillian Johnsrud

Sharing our creative and entrepreneurial endeavors online might feel like navigating an unknown sea. There can be hundreds of containing setbacks and stumbling blocks that could sink our ship. Today’s guest on the pursuit of learning podcast is someone who will walk us through this process with the lessons she collected throughout the years. Jillian Johnsrud joins today’s episode to offer the expertise and experience she gained while successfully navigating this creative entrepreneurial life. Additionally, she guides us to nurture the courage necessary to create online in a hostile atmosphere.

Jillian is a well-known public speaker, a coach, a podcaster, and a writer. Jillian directed her personal and professional experiences into a creative life after achieving financial independence at the age of 32. In her book, Fire the Haters, she teaches us the ropes and provides us with a road map for our creative business journeys. Also, she has been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, USA Today, and Marketwatch, among other publications. 

Jillian begins the podcast by responding to the question of what motivates her right now. Then she shares some of the main things that leaped out at her in the coming years. Throughout the show, Jillian provides mind-blowing insights about how to overcome hurdles to online engagement. While sharing her personal experiences, Jillian notes significant facts when dealing with internet stupidity. It is critical to decide how you wish to engage when working online because our time, energy, and attention are all finite resources. We cannot let them be squandered on the infinite idiocy of the internet. Mentioning that, she emphasizes that we do not have to justify our actions or share our vision with the rest of the world, as the majority would not understand. Also, she stresses that we do not have to be concerned with every social media reaction since the problem is with others most of the time, not with us. 

Moreover, Jillian emphasizes the need to get started early by delving into the concept of testing and scaling. Although the go-big or go-home approach sounds fantastic, she points out that most of the abilities required are not readily available initially and must be acquired along the way. Jillian mentions that it is tough to plot the next decade from your home couch without taking a single step. Hence she recommends that if we begin early, we will have more time, space, availability, and a scalable solution when the time comes.

Among the many mind-blowing topics she discussed, one of the most thought-provoking is the three most critical principles a digital creative should follow. Also, she highlights the importance of maintaining boundaries and enforcing norms to effectively address the issues inherent in online work. Finally, she ends the conversation by discussing the inner critic and imposter syndrome and how to deal with them effectively. 

[04:38] Fire the Haters – Describing one of the heinous incidents that inspired her to write her book – Fire the Haters, Jillian mentions the target demographic for the book.

[09:17] Being safe – Jillian walks listeners through several strategies individuals take to stay safe and discusses why and how they are limiting us as creators by preventing us from being our genuine selves. 

[11:38] Procrastination Through Preparation – Speaking of procrastination and preparation, Jillian discusses how much time should be spent preparing for a task versus actually performing it. Additionally, she explains how this changes as we gain proficiency in what we are doing. 

[18:26] Test and Scale – Emphasizing getting started early, Jillian makes excellent and critical points about testing and scaling up.

[22:41] Throwback – Jillian compares reality with what she imagined years ago on paper in her grand plan. 

[25:15] CEO of the Internet – When discussing the difficulties artists encounter, Jillian explains how we terminate these individuals who pull us back.

[27:36] Boundary –  Jillian provides an overview of the boundaries that protect creators and their work, describing how they protect us and are applicable in social media. 

[31:27] The Stupidity On The Internet – Jillian outlines stupidity on the internet and how to deal with it. 

[41:39] Four Types of Rules – Explaining four types of rules, Jillian further describes why she believes they are such a vital tool for anyone aspiring to be a creator. 

[51:33] Digital Creators – Jillian discusses her opinions on three essential topics relating to digital creators, why each is so vital, and how they ensure that we keep sane with all of the online work out there. 

[01:00:32] Inner critic – Jillian shares her thoughts on inner critics and the techniques she has used to silence her inner critic. 

[01:07:11] Thought Auditing –  Jillian offers her perspectives and experiences with thought auditing during her work.

[01:10:06] Imposter Syndrome – Expressing her take on imposter syndrome, Jillian points out how a simple shift in perspective of asking “why not me” can make a significant difference. 

[01:18:11] Family and Friends – When times are tough, the one group we want to rely on is family and friends. However, occasionally they strike as well. Jillian explains why our family and friends abandon us at those times and how we persevere.


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