How to find your power as a hybrid professional with Dr. Sarabeth Berk

If you are employed in more than one capacity, you are more than one person. If you fit this description, you may be a hybrid professional. Hybrids were previously unnoticed in the workforce. However, the secret is now public and will remain so in the future. A hybrid professional combines numerous professional identities and operates at their intersections. Other professions maintain only one identity at a time, but hybrids maintain multiple identities. They create a whole new identity, which is their distinctive worth in the workforce. 

Dr. Sarabeth Berk joins us on this week’s episode of pursuit of learning. She is the world’s foremost authority on hybrid professional identities and herself a hybrid professional. She has been featured in Forbes, is a TEDx speaker, the author of More Than My Title, and has been recognized for her innovative work with a Colorado Inno on Fire award. Her hybrid title is Creative Disruptor, owing to the fact that she works at the nexus of art, research, education, and design. Through groundbreaking research, Sarabeth pioneered a one-of-a-kind approach to personal branding and career development. Today, she specializes in assisting individuals in identifying and communicating their hybrid professional identities and distinctive value in the workforce. As a result, her customers feel more seen, empowered, and confident, and teams value one another beyond their job labels, recognizing the vital yet distinct roles of experts, generalists, and hybrids in the workforce.

Throughout today’s discussion, we go deep into the topic of hybrid professional identity, which will cover a wide range of topics. Sarabeth begins by describing what hybrid professionality is and then goes on to discuss its significance. The discussion then turns to how hybridity differs from singularity and multiplicity, with vast and mind-blowing insights provided. Also, we explore why it is important to allow our hybridity to develop and the path we must take to discover and create our genuine identity.

[00:51] Motivation – Sarabeth discusses what motivates her right now and numerous points she intends to make to the listeners before the conversation concludes. 

[03:14] Hybrid Professionals – Sarabeth defines a hybrid professional and provides examples. Moreover, she discusses the significance of the phrase “hybrid professional” in today’s world. 

[11:06] What do you do – Often, “what do you do” is one of the most challenging inquiries. Noting that, we explore further discovering our hybrid identity. 

[15:27] Job Title – Sarabeth walks us through the five-step process of creating a job title. 

[21:06] Optimal Distinctiveness – In outlining her approach to determining someone’s identity, Sarabeth mentions how frequently she has observed someone’s top talents contributing to their identities.

[25:42] Prefixes of Words – Sarabeth describes the relevance of singularity, multiplicity, and hybridity to each other and how they differ from one another. 

[31:45] How hybrid is you – Sarabeth imparts insight about assessing and ascertaining one’s hybrid status. 

[35.38] Hybridity – Sarabeth discusses why it’s critical to blossom your hybrid identity. 

[39.42] Five Attributes – Sarabeth points out five characteristics that represent some of the major themes to provide insight into what is occurring in your hybridity.

[45:13] Right Path – Sarabeth describes the spectrum of development, from emerging hybrid to established hybrid, and how to determine if you are on the right track to comprehend and develop your hybridity. 

[50:53] Versions of Yourself – Sarabeth covers how to resolve the disconnect between how we perceive ourselves and others.

[54:21] Purpose and Hybridity – Sarabeth mentions how purpose and hybridity impact each other.

[57:06] Concept of Emerging Hybrids – We analyze the transition from an emerging hybrid version of oneself to a fully hybrid version.

[01:06:49] Technology – We explore how technology could eventually supplant human labor while mapping singularity and hybridity. 

[01:15:53] Feelings – Sarabeth discusses how to harness our feelings to discover our identity in broad strokes, coining the term “personal blending.” Additionally, we examine a variety of factors to determine our identity. 

[01:32:10] Only One- Sarabeth explains the distinct characteristics of hybrids and how one cannot be precisely another person.






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