Reframe Your Story: Let Go, Do Less and Be More with Tammy Heerman

In the 1970s, a stereotype was termed “think manager, think male,” which stated that we all identify male features and attributes with the term “leadership.” However, unfortunately, we continue to do so even now. We continue to link masculine and male qualities and attributes with leadership. Our guest today is on a mission to rewrite women’s narratives. She wishes to dispel the age-old stigma of “think manager, think male” and redefine leadership with “think leadership. think female.”

Tammy Heermann is a multi-award-winning leadership expert sought after by some of the world’s most prestigious corporations for her programs that accelerate women’s advancement. Also, she is an author and a speaker. For over two decades, Tammy has aided in transforming thousands of minds regarding what it takes to lead, both personally and professionally. While she enjoys making a difference in the C-suite, nothing makes her happier than encouraging emerging leaders to overcome organizational and self-imposed limitations to attain their full potential. In addition, Tammy transforms her listeners with an array of humorous and heartbreaking stories about her journey from senior consultant to senior vice president. Also, she is a stalwart mentor for Women in Communications and Technology.

We begin the episode by discussing Tammy’s current motivation, in which she explains her mission. We then explore the several projects Tammy has been involved in to assist women in moving forward and leading. In her book, Reframe Your Story, she discusses some obstacles women face in advancing to leadership positions. Tammy brings these concerns to light and explores ways to overcome them during the talk. On the other hand, the majority of hardwiring occurs throughout early life. Hence, we examine why it is critical to determine what story we are telling ourselves, whether it serves us or not, and whether we need to reframe it.

Additionally, women are socialized to avoid taking as many risks as men. Tammy emphasizes that this should be resolved by focusing less on the risk and more on the reward associated with the action itself. Also, we discuss how men and women respond to imposter syndrome and the disparities in their approaches. Additionally, Tammy stresses having a personal vision and effective networking abilities. Also, the explanation of weakening qualifiers is one of the podcast’s most informative points.

[02:51] Conversation with Daughter- Tammy describes how one of her shocking experiences with her daughter tweaked her thinking and how it influenced her book.

[05.58] Stories – Tammy makes a point of mentioning how our stories influence our conduct. She also explains why it’s vital to recognize the impact of our stories on how we show up every day.

[11:18] Women in Leadership – Tammy discusses several strategies for assisting women in attaining leadership positions, emphasizing the importance of structural change and working with individuals.

[14:51] Why not – Tammy illustrates how simply asking “why not” can assist us in rewriting the story of what is possible.

[18:40] Imposter Syndrome – Tammy covers the imposter syndrome, why men and women behave differently, and how to assist women in dealing with it effectively.

[25:02] Think of Rewards – Tammy explains how focusing on rewards rather than risks might help overcome roadblocks in achieving leadership.

[30:00] Role of Men and Women – We analyze men’s and women’s roles from a broad socioeconomic standpoint.

[46:56] Personal Vision – Tammy emphasizes the significance of having a personal vision.

[49:55] Few Steps – Tammy walks through some simple methods for laying out a vision for a newbie.

[56:19] Directed Learning Mindset – Outlining ways to assist women in shifting from a mindset of continuous learning to a directed learning mindset. Also, she shares her take on things that prevent actionability.

[01:03:43] Lookup, Lookout – Citing several points from her book,  Tammy explains how to gaze up and further on the horizon.

[01:07:37] Purpose and Passion – Discussing how frequently someone should revisit their vision statement, Tammy offers her viewpoints on purpose and passion.

[01:12:58] Yes and No –  When we say yes, we express a rejection of something. Tammy shows how to discern what to refuse.

[01:18:38] Own Ambassador – Tammy addresses how to assist women in overcoming fear and developing the confidence to speak up for themselves by being their ambassador.  

[01:28:18] Weakening Qualifiers – Tammy talks about weakening qualifiers and why we want to eliminate them from our vocabulary while delivering information in a meeting or writing an email to someone. Additionally, she cites several instances in which she would advise omitting several terms or refraining from using them.

[01:36:06] Networking – Tammy explores the gap between men and women regarding networking.


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