Turning small gestures into powerful results with Michele Bailey

Sending gratitude to others is a doable and straightforward task. Yet most importantly and surprisingly, it returns to you threefold, although it takes little time. My guest for today is on a journey to persuade her clients to take it a step further, to integrate genuine gratitude into the way business is conducted. Her infectious enthusiasm for appreciation is contagious. Also, she is the founder and the CEO of the Blazing Group. Her recent book, The Currency of Gratitude, is a heartfelt and easy guide to enabling corporate growth through the use of gratitude as a currency. Michele Bailey, founder & CEO, Forbes Author, and 2020 WBE Leader of the Year, joins today’s episode of pursuit of learning to share her wisdom and experience regarding various facets of thankfulness.

Michele begins the podcast by discussing what motivates her at the moment and the primary message she wishes to deliver to the audience by the episode’s conclusion. We all know that we live in a world dominated by technological innovations capable of providing “personalized” contact with our clients and customers. However, in her book, the Currency of Gratitude, Michele explains that genuine, specific, and direct communication rooted in gratitude can grow and sustain a business far more effectively than any targeted technology. Furthermore, Michele mentions that our professional and personal lives are not as distinct as we have made them appear. Given this inseparability, she points out that the critical premise of all successful businesses is the creation of authentic and long-lasting connections and relationships that value and develop the entire person. 

During the conversation, Michele demonstrates how prioritizing appreciation in one’s professional life enables firms to recruit and retain top talent and clients and increase employee engagement and productivity through compelling stories and real-world business examples. In addition, by generating brand ambassadors, she highlights that the businesses can achieve cascading outward benefits ranging from enhanced brand awareness to higher consumer pleasure and loyalty. Also, we discuss how simple actions may have a significant impact and urges others to consider quick and practical methods to incorporate gratitude into their own business culture. Likewise, throughout the conversation, Michele points out that small gestures can have significant results and emphasizes quick and practical ways to promote gratitude within the business culture and personal lives. 

[02:00] Brand Improvement  –  After stating that the first and most critical stage in brand improvement occurs within the organization, Michelle elaborates its reasons.

[03:51] Doug Conant – Michele emphasizes the significance of placing gratitude at the center of one’s personal brand while explaining the transformation Doug Conant made at Campbell Soup Company. 

[12:53] Hard times – Michele provides key takeaways from her journey thus far while recounting her experiences. 

[21:13] Practice – Michele stresses that gratitude is a practice and discusses how we can include some of these everyday habits and activities into our lives to cultivate gratitude. 

[24:57] Customize – Michele explains why our gratitude needs to be consistent, effective, and timely in the most relevant manner to the recipient. 

[31:15] No recruiters – Michele outlines why gratitude is critical in sustaining coworker engagement. 

[33:14] Customers – Michele shares how gratitude impacts her interactions with consumers by sharing her personal experience.

[35:41] Relationship Management –  Michele reveals how she initiates and maintains many relationships. 

[52:59] Customer Retention – Michele mentions the importance of gratitude in retaining consumers.

[58:54] Oakville Hospital Foundation – Michele recounts her experience working at the Oakville Hospital Foundation and the lessons she learned. 

[01:02:25] Loyalty Programs – Michele illustrates why loyalty programs are not ways to convey gratitude but instead marketing strategies. 

[01:04:45] Self-Care – Michele describes how gratitude may help us take care of ourselves in our personal life. 

[01:11:15] Impact of Isolation – Michele demonstrates how much solitude negatively affects people’s ability to interact socially gracefully. 

[01:15:53] Building And Refueling – Michele points out how to develop healthy self-care routines and a supportive network. Moreover, she discusses how to refuel to continue providing love and gratitude.


Connect with Michele:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/michele-bailey-a111b6a/

Website: michelebailey.com

My Big Idea: mbimybigidea.com

Blazing: blazing.agency 

Mentioned in the episode:

The Currency Of Gratitude: Turning Small Gestures Into Powerful Business Results: goodreads.com/book/show/57734188-the-currency-of-gratitude?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=PkcHs8JQ9y&rank=1

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time: goodreads.com/book/show/31579916-fierce-conversations?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=hJx333izMf&rank=1

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