Circle of influence

Principle 3 – Meditate daily

Daily meditation? Why should you do that? There are immeasurable benefits to meditation. Improved sleep Clearer thinking Stress reduction Reduced anxiety Generates kindness Helps fight addictions Improved self-esteem Improved pain control Increased attention span Enhanced self-awareness Improved emotional health Reduced memory age-loss Reduced risk of depression Decrease in blood pressure Can this all be real?…

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Principle 2 – Wake-up earlier

Wait, another person telling me that I should be waking up earlier. Why? What’s in it for me? I believe that you should wake-up earlier for two reasons: Choices Discipline Before I dive in, I know there is research that indicates we have different sleep rhythms, that some of us aren’t as productive earlier in…

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Principle 1 – Fix Your Mind

We are what we think. Thinking is flawed. Fix your thinking. Methods to fix your thinking There are many methods to fix your thinking, do not constrain yourself to one. Do your research. Personally, I look to the following: Stoicism Buddhism Meditation Mindfulness Psychoanalysis Cognitive behavior therapy While I am studying to familiarize myself with…

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